Saturday, September 05, 2009

spirals vs. circles | 2004 - 2008


the limit of modernity | oil/canvas: 128 x 92 cm

Just like many others, I happen to associate modernity with the western world of the past four centuries and more importantly with its inherent pursuit of rational progress by all means. Scientific advancement, however, has only accelerated our circular stay on this planet, disregarding the values of all non-western cultures and ignoring the finite nature of all earthly resources. There is no such thing as progress in the round world. Spirals and circles are simply incompatible, as they do not belong to the same metaphysical dimension. The deliberate progression which determines The Limit of Modernity takes less time to decipher. It is obvious that figures progressively change their shape, size and colour, e.g. the white triangle leads to a darker square which is followed by a smaller pentagon. Unlike the rest, the black circle is fully circumscribed by a polygon. The b/w lines which accordingly refer to every other body are not applicable now. Progression seems to exclude circles from its domain.