Tuesday, September 19, 2006

from carlsson's roof


can you please fill in my square for me?

The above illustration was published in October 2006 in addition to Johan Carlsson’s essay on How to Take Decisions and Live with Them in МЕНИДЖЪР. In his article the author argues that people are generally afraid to take responsibility and would rather let someone else decide or choose for them. Hence, we see the main character – a square-minded person – right in the centre, having some diversity around her. All colours are natural excerpts, extracted from digital photographs of skies of different parts of the day, seasons or weather types. The green has been added from a grass sample to validate the link between earth and sky. Diversity of choice is thus complete. Little black/white squares, however, seem to stand in her way, symbolising her hesitation and lack of confidence. She is obviously empty and needs help.

your mail has been delivered

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ey, bravo.
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